Breast Lift Surgery


Breast lift or mastopexy is a plastic surgery for correction of shape of breast which allows to get rid of its descent, establish necessary height of breast and location of nipples and areolas on mammary gland.

Breast lift or reductive mammoplasty is a very good and well developed surgical operation. If we think of it, height of breast and nipples is a very precise indicator of age of the body. Sometimes the breast is of right shape and of reasonable size, however, if it is located below the “necessary place”, this immediately changes an impression. Therefore, breast lift rejuvenates proportions of the body.

Types of mastopexy

Breast lift without implants

Breast lift without application of implants is to remove certain areas of stretched skin and to form new shape of breast with the help of translocation of areola and nipples. It may be accomplished by several types of techniques of which the most popular are as follows:

  • Periareolar mastopexy, which is done through round-shaped incision in the area of areola. This way is suitable for ptosis of 1st degree where insignificant deformation of breast is observed.
  • Vertical lift is applied in case of disturbance of shape of breast of 2nd degree and is done with incisions around areola and vertically from areola to inframammary fold. This scheme is also referred to as “Lollipop” as visually the lines of incision remind of outlines of the famous lollipop by shape.
  • Anchor (T-shaped) lift is a modification of vertical mastopexy where the third vertical incision under the breast is added. It is indicated for large deformation of 3rd degree.

Regretfully, breast lift is simply impossible without excision of skin and other tissues. Any excision would imply sutures. Yes, I am using the most up to date technology (those who do not know call it no suture, however this is a word play as actually there are sutures. However, they are inside and never come to surface and superficial layer is sealed with glue). Such variant does not require removal of sutures and gives minimal traces after operation.

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