Hips Lift

Hip dips surgery is a cosmetic procedure that injects or removes fat from the hip and thigh area.

This surgery aims to get rid of indentations on the side of your hips and leave a smooth, curved line from your hips to your thigh.


What is hip dips surgery?

Hip dips surgery is a fat redistribution surgery (also called liposculpting). That means fat is suctioned from one area of your body and then injected into the trochanter area.

The goal of this fat graft is to smooth out the curvature of the hips.

As an alternative, fat may be removed from the dip area to create a contoured silhouette. Artificial fillers or solid silicone implants may also be used as an alternative to fat grafts.

What’s the procedure like?

Getting a hip dips surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you’ll most likely be put under general anesthesia.

Surgical steps

  1. First, fat is removed from your body using a liposuction procedure. Fat may be removed from your buttocks, stomach, or inner thighs. Small incisions will be made to remove the fat, and they’ll be stitched closed and bandaged.
  2. The fat is then prepared for reinjection into your body. A machine will spin the fat so that blood and other fluids are removed from it.
  3. The fat will then be injected into your hip area. Usually, stitches aren’t needed at the injection site.
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