Breast Reconstruction


Operation of breast restoration

Reconstruction of breast is a plastic operation which enables artificial restoration of initial shape of breast. Reconstruction can be immediate, i.e. carried out straight after removal of breast within one surgical operation or postponed i.e. done over some time. The reason of postponement is often the need to pass the full course of treatment (aggressive type of tumor, high risk of relapse of the disease etc.).

Methods of breast restoration

A plastic surgeon defines a method of reconstruction based on plan of treatment, volume of breast, availability of own tissues, condition and feeling of the patient. Restoration of breast may take place with the help of expanders and implants, musculocutaneous flap taken from another part of the body of the patient and with the help of own fat of the patient. Such operations are often carried out in combination with each other.

Reconstruction with the help of implants and expanders

This operation consists of restoration of shape of breast with the help of installation of an implant or expander (temporary implant) into the place of removed breast. This method provides for the best esthetic result. One can achieve nice symmetric look of breastby right selection of size and shape of implants.

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