Nipple Reconstruction



Nipple Reconstruction Candidates

Most women who undergo breast reconstruction will qualify for nipple reconstruction to further enhance their new bust. Nipple reconstruction involves recreating the nipple using donor tissue, and we can also use tattooing to restore the color of the areola. Patients will typically undergo nipple reconstruction one to three months after breast reconstruction surgery. Nipple reconstruction patients should be in good general health and free of any chronic conditions or skin disorders that could interfere with treatment.

Women who are seeking breast reconstruction after undergoing a single or double mastectomy are often good candidates for this procedure. However, patients who have undergone what is known as a “nipple-sparing” mastectomy may not require nipple reconstruction. If you have thin or radiation-damaged breast tissue, Dr. Passaretti may be able to solely use tattooing to improve the appearance of your areolae. We can discuss your candidacy for nipple reconstruction and customize treatment during a breast reconstruction consultation.

Recreating the Nipple

In order to further enhance the appearance of your breasts after you have healed from breast reconstruction, Dr. Ali Abed Ali can recreate your nipples with an attractive size and shape. During nipple reconstruction surgery, he will begin by addressing your nipple mound. The Dr. will remove a small flap of tissue from your breast. The tissue is then formed into a nipple mound and small sutures are used to secure it to the center of your breast. Next, the surrounding areola is formed from a skin flap taken from the lower abdomen. This procedure can typically be completed in less than an hour, and most patients heal in roughly two weeks. 

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